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The current level of the available potential in your organization:

The current levels of three critical variables in your organization:

Results:   6.3        Learning:   5.3        Enjoyment:   3.7

What helps and what hinders the summary:

If you use Potential Scan regularly and below mentioned comments what helps and what hinders are repeated in time or they are mentioned by the majority of respondents, we recommend considering the areas of what helps as an important resource you can use further. The areas which prevent you from growing repeatedly or mentioned by the majority of respondents are the candidates for a change. Ask yourself: Is it an internal or external block? Can we control it or not?

The internal blocks are the priorities for your further development. You can start to handle them either with self coaching or ask your coach to help you.

Selfcoaching can start with questions: What do we want instead of this internal block? What ideally would we like to have instead? What does the ideal situation look like? The answers will help you to formulate your goal. Then you can continue using GROW questions.

RESULTS summary

What helps you get the results:

management, quality, collaboration, good quality, products, marketing, strategy, quality, overtime

What prevents you from getting the results:

IT, communication, marketing, management, wrong strategy, low salaries, low collaboration, management, low motivation

LEARNING summary

What helps you in learning and development:

HR, colleagues, interest, colleagues, personal interest, focus, interest, spare time, colleagues

What prevents you from learning and development:

time, IT, communication, time, communication, low collaboration, management push, low collaboration, IT


What helps you get the enjoyment:

our products, customers, flexible job, customers, I like my job, colleagues, good product, customers, colleagues

What prevents you from getting the enjoyment:

communication, lip service, low responsibility, no teambuilding, low collaboration, management, overtime, low salaries, communication

This tool was developed by Michal Ondracek and it is inspired by the Inner Game methodology by Timothy Gallwey. More information available on the website www.potential-scan.com.